Heat Notice

To:                   All Congressional Towers Resident(s)
From:               Shonda Dove, Property Manager
Date:                October 14, 2016
Re:                   Heating

We are pleased to announce our boilers are being activated today and heating is will be available by the close of the business day.  Over the last week we have received inquiries on how our central plant system works regarding its capability to readily switch between heating and cooling.   The property’s central plants house boilers and chillers that are responsible for feeding the fan coil units located in each of our apartment homes. The system can only provide heat or cooling at any given time.

As we all have experienced over the last few years that seasonal temperature norms seem to be a thing of the past.  With this in mind and a watchful eye on the predicted weather trend, we’ve opted to abide by the standard provided by the City of Rockville in terms of when heat should be turned on in residential buildings. The current forecast is predicting a fluctuation in temperatures over the next weeks, with highs ranging in the low 60’s to the low 80’s.  Please be mindful that air conditioning will not be available and plan appropriately.

Here are a few tips to assure your comfort through the approaching cold season.

  • Do not cover or block vents in your apartment.


  • When first turning on your heat you may experience a slight burning smell, this is normal and will stop in a short time.


  • Keep windows completely closed at all times and close blinds / curtains in the evening hours. This will minimize heat lost.


  • A thermostat setting of between 70’ to 74′ degrees which most will find to be comfortable. Adjust your temperature setting by at least 5’ to 10’ degrees when leaving for an extended time.


  • Report problems with your heat to the leasing office as soon as they are noticed. Check that your thermostat is in the on position and on the heat setting, prior to reporting a problem.


  • It is strongly encouraged that residents prepare for the event of adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice. Management is responsible to clear snow and treat the driveways, sidewalks and entrances to the buildings for ice.  Removal of any snow surrounding cars in our parking lot is the sole responsibility of residents and /or their guest.  A limited number of shovels will be made available for resident’s use during office hours on a first come first serve bases.  We do recommend that residents purchase their own shovel and ice melt to have on hand.

As always do contact the leasing office should you have any questions or me directly at sdove@congressionaltowers.net .